Advancing patient care
through high quality clinical research


MEMO Research delivers clinician led observational studies and streamlined clinical trials. Based in Ninewells Hospital, University of Dundee, we conduct studies in a variety of clinical fields, with particular expertise in clinical pharmacology and cardiovascular medicine.


Established for over 20 years, our dynamic and responsive team incorporates a broad range of expertise to deliver innovative research. Our expanding unit includes practising physicians, pharmacists, research nurses, epidemiologists and research programmers.


We specialise in creating novel research designs to answer challenging research questions. Our study designs evolve with advances in technology, regularly using innovative web-based recruitment and IT solutions to develop robust and responsive research.

Who are memoresearch?
the people behind the studies

Tom and Isla

Led by Prof. Tom MacDonald and Prof. Isla Mackenzie, MEMO Research has delivered high quality research for over 20 years with two key themes: observational studies and clinical trials. Early on, MEMO developed ways to study prescribing in primary care, allowing a range of studies into the safety of commonly prescribed drugs. Since that time, we have undertaken clinical trials to further understand the safety and use of medicines. Experience of many types of research helps us to continue innovating and delivering studies which can improve healthcare globally.

High quality research relies on high quality people. As our research interests and opportunities have broadened, our team has expanded to include a range of specialists with wide-ranging skills. We also have broad research and clinical interests, and have collaborated with researchers from down the corridor and the other side of the world. By collaboration and dedication our research goes from strength to strength.

Our studies
You help make medicines safer!

V4C Trial logo

The Vac4covid Study tracks COVID-19 vaccines to provide data to support vaccine monitoring.

Over 16,000 participants contributed data on more than 32,000 vaccinations.

This study is now closed and undergoing further data analysis.
RECALL Trial logo

297 patients

The RECALL pilot Study aims to identify if reducing systolic blood pressure prevents dementia and cognitive decline.
UMOD Trial logo

730 patients

Do patients with uncontrolled blood pressure respond better to a blood pressure lowering drug based on a single letter change in their DNA.
EVIDENCE Study logo

106 GP Practices

Participating GP practices adopt a new drug prescribing policy for treating patients’ high blood pressure.
TIME Study logo

21,104 patients

Is it better to take blood pressure medicines in the morning or at night time?
ALL-HEART Trial logo

5,937 patients

Can an old drug (allopurinol) improve the treatment of ischaemic heart disease?
FAST Study logo

5,706 patients

Is febuxostat as safe as allopurinol in the treatment of gout?
SCOT Study logo

7,297 patients

The SCOT study is designed to find out if celecoxib is definitely better, worse or just the same as the other available NSAIDs.
HOME Trial logo
Can digital technologies improve Remote Decentralised Clinical Trials (RDCTs).
HOPE Trial logo
RealHOPE stands for “Real Handling of Protein Drugs, Exploration, Evaluation and Education".

Our publications

expanding knowledge

As clinical academics, our work can be influential in several ways. As individuals and as a group we have contributed to pieces of work of many types, including textbooks, although perhaps the most important products of our research are publications in peer-reviewed research journals. We publish widely on a range of research topics in high-impact journals. If you are interested in looking at some of our work, please use the links above to find out more, or feel free to contact us directly about any specific research.